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St. John's Wort 90 Capsules.

St. John's Wort 90 Capsules

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One of the most researched herbs in support of a positive mood, our St. John’s wort capsules contain both the studied, standardized extract as well as the whole flower tops. *

St. John’s wort boasts positive research support in dozens of placebo-controlled trials, studying its support towards a positive mood*

  • The most common researched dose is what we honor in each one of our capsules: 300 mg of SJW extract, standardized to 0.3% hypericin; we also included the time-honored preparation of the whole flowering tops, adding synergy to this blend of science and tradition * 
  • Research also indicates SJW is overall supportive for women during their premenstrual time, as well as during menopause *
  • SJW also indicates through research, its immune supportive activity *