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RLA Pro SR 60 Capsules.

RLA Pro SR 60 Capsules

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R-Lipoic Acid with Unparalleled Absorption

Advanced Support for Efficacious Glucose Metabolism*

  • Lipoic acid is a component of several essential enzyme complexes in the mitochondria that are involved in energy production, amino acid metabolism, and glucose homeostasis.
  • Tesseract’s RLA Pro is formulated with the “R” isomer of lipoic acid for superior absorption. Its therapeutic properties are attributed to its direct free-radical scavenging capability, potent antioxidant activity, and its ability to support nitric oxide production.*
  • Tesseract’s proprietary and groundbreaking CyLoc® and DexKey® delivery technology solubilizes RLA, ensuring that RLA Pro is delivered through the gut wall for unprecedented absorption and bioavailability.* This allows for micro-dosing of the active ingredient in a single capsule, which can achieve a powerful and immediate physiological response.*