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Qualia Mind 35 Capsules.

Qualia Mind 35 Capsules

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Qualia Mind is the ultimate recipe for mental performance & brain health created by experts. This brain supplement is scientifically formulated to nourish the brain with over 28 premium ingredients to quickly enhance focus, memory, and mental clarity, while supporting long-term brain health. Qualia Mind contains potent nootropic compounds, choline donors, amino acids, neuro vitamins, minerals, adaptogen extracts and neuro antioxidants. For most, benefits can be felt in as soon as 30 minutes, delivering calm energized focus all day. Discover what you can achieve with this premium, scientifically-researched and high-purity formula.*

  • Supports Memory & Cognition*
  • Supports Focus & Concentration*
  • Supports Drive & Productivity*
  • Supports Mental Clarity*