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Performance Cardio+ 3.38 fl oz.

Performance Cardio+ 3.38 fl oz

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Performance Cardio+ is a blend of Western nutraceuticals and time-honored Eastern botanicals designed to support healthy whole-body blood circulation.*

The circulatory system is a complex network of blood and vessels that delivers nutrients and oxygen to each cell of the body, while simultaneously carrying away carbon dioxide and cellular waste. Blood is the only liquid tissue in the body, consisting of cells, cell fragments, and an intercellular matrix (plasma). The health of the circulatory system that distributes this liquid tissue is vital for the optimal functioning of the entire body. Compromised circulatory system function is rampant in our modern-day society, as evidenced by the top two leading causes of death in the United States. The number one killer in the United States today is cardiovascular disease.1 Furthermore, emerging research suggests that neurovascular disease is the second leading cause of death in the U.S., superseding cancer.

The modern-day diet and lifestyle initiate physiological processes that compromise and impair circulatory system health; including:
• A sedentary lifestyle
• The consumption of ultra-processed food, which makes up 57% of the average American’s diet, due to its effects on chronic inflammation and insulin resistance
• Lack of sun exposure
• Disrupted, non-restorative sleep

Poor blood circulation adversely impacts the health of the entire body. It inhibits nutrient and oxygen delivery to the body’s tissues, depriving the body of the life-giving substrates it needs to function properly. As a result, an unhealthy circulatory system can drive the development of multiple age-related health concerns, including:
• High blood pressure
•Cognitive impairment
•Decreased sexual function
•Poor exercise tolerance and stamina
•Chronic fatigue

Conversely, robust blood circulation improves delivery of nutrients to cells and tissues, enhances tissue oxygenation, boosts cognition, sexual function, and exercise performance, and may alleviate chronic inflammatory conditions characterized by impaired microcirculation.

TIME-HONORED HERBS AND MODERN NUTRACEUTICALS SUPPORT CARDIOVASCULAR FUNCTION A variety of herbs and nutraceuticals in the traditional Eastern and Western medicinal systems offer overlapping functionality in supporting blood circulation, nitric oxide synthesis, and healthy aging of blood vessels, each critical elements of cardiovascular health. Of these, there are a select few that confer more impact in one category than another. The following indicates the “stand out” herbs and nutraceuticals impacting blood circulation, nitric oxide production, and healthy vascular aging.