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Kidbiotic Powder 60 Servings.

Kidbiotic Powder 60 Servings

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Great-tasting drink mix supplement features eight strains fo probiotics to support digestive health, regularity and immune health in children.*.

Inside your child’s gut is a collection of organisms that scientists call the microbiota. The microbiota includes good bacteria (probiotics) and bad bacteria, too. Your child needs a balanced microbiota with plenty of good bacteria in order to stay calm and focused, build a strong immune system, and avoid an upset tummy.* Emotional stress, chemicals, packaged foods, and sugar can all cause probiotic levels to take a nosedive. One way to help your child feel better is to give them probiotic supplements, but if they don’t like to swallow pills or are too young to take capsules, the answer is Little DaVincis kidbiotic powder.* You can add it to yogurt, stir it into smoothies or it can even be mixed in water. It’s unflavored so it doesn’t alter the taste of the food or drink. Even the pickiest eaters won’t know it’s there, but you’ll know all the good it’s doing for your child.*