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Cerebra GPC 2 fl oz.

Cerebra GPC 2 fl oz

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Cerebra-GPC is 100% Purified PhosChol with the fatty acids removed. It is a simple formulation of purified pharmaceutical grade GPC and water, which comes together as a clear, concentrated, sweet tasting solution that is easy to administer to adults and children. GPC is a safe, stable, and rapidly absorbed source of free choline, which easily enters the brain and has many functions in the body. It is important for the structural integrity of cell membranes, cholinergic neurotransmission, transmembrane signaling, methyl metabolism, and lipid-cholesterol transport and metabolism. Choline is a precursor for acetylcholine, phosphatidylcholine, sphingomyelin, platelet-activating factor, betaine, and other phospholipids.